项目定位Project Positioning

Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum is listed as one of the “New Top Ten Cultural Facilities” in Shenzhen. It will be transformed into a world-class public welfare science center, representing the city's image and stand for Shenzhen's urban grade, highlighting Shenzhen's technology and innovative development.

项目概况Project Overview

1. 项目区位 Project Location

The project site is in Guangming CBD, Shenzhen, China. Located next to Guangqiao Road and Cuihu Station (temporary name) of metro line 6, the site covers an area of about 66000 sq.m.

项目选址与光明科学城规划范围示意 Site Location and Planning Area of Guangming Science Town

项目选址与光明科学城规划范围示意 Site Location and Planning Area of Guangming Science Town

Shenzhen Guangming District is an important node of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. The 99-sq.km Guangming Science Town is planned based on the concept of "Science + City + Industry" and the spatial layout of "One Center and Two Zones in Greenness". It will fully take advantages of its geographical location and lay out a multi-type, multi-level major science and technology infrastructure cluster with mutual collaborations, so as to build a world-class science city with outstanding competitiveness and influence.

光明区位图 Regional Context

光明区位图 Regional Context

光明科学城空间规划 Guangming Science Town Planning

光明科学城空间规划 Guangming Science Town Planning

2. 区域交通条件Regional Transit Condition

There are high-speed rail, subway and express way network in the district that connect with major cities in the pearl river delta. Hong Kong and Guangzhou can be reached in half an hour.

区域交通条件 Regional Transit

区域交通条件 Regional Transit

基地位置示意图 Site Location

基地位置示意图 Site Location

3. 项目建设概况 Overview of the Project

· 总用地面积:66000㎡
· 总建筑面积:105000㎡
· 容积率≤1.24(暂定)
· 建筑密度≤50%
· 绿化覆盖率≥30%
· 建筑高度:限高60米
Total land area: 66000 ㎡
Total floor area: 105,000 ㎡
Floor area ratio ≤ 1.24 (tentative)
Building density ≤ 50%
Green coverage ratio ≥ 30%
Building height ≤ 60 m

4. 功能设置 Programming

深圳科技馆(新馆)馆内主要设有科技展示区、科技影院区、教育活动区、科技交流中心、公众服务区、业务管理区、科学广场区(室外)7大功能区,总建筑面积105000 ㎡,地上建筑面积约为81500 ㎡,地下建筑面积约为23500 ㎡。(针对项目设计创意,可做适当调整)。
The museum mainly has 7 functional areas, including science and technology exhibition area, science and technology theater area, educational activity area, science and technology communication center, public service area, business management area, outdoor science square area. The total floor area is 105,000 ㎡, for which 81,500㎡are above the ground while 23,500㎡are under the ground. (It can be adjusted as the design ideas).

招标内容Bidding Scope

Work content includes schematic design and architectural design development

Related disciplines include but not limited to: planning, master layout, architecture, structural engineering, electrical, water supply and drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, interior design, building intelligent, fire protection, landscape, green building, elevators, steel structure, curtain wall, road system (including road opens), civil air defense, sponge city, flood lighting, identity system, kitchen, laboratory, cinema (IMAX, ball screen, 4D, 2D / 3D screens) design, sound and lighting design, lecture hall design, prefabricated building, etc.

招标日程Tendering Schedule

阶段 Stage 时间 Time 事项 Matter
Stage One
Application and Pre-qualification
March 25th 2019
Pre-qualification Document Release
April 1st 2019, by 17:00
Query Deadline
April 4th 2019, by 17:00
Clarification, Amendment and Answering Period Deadline
April 15th 2019, by 17:00
Due date of pre-qualification application documents submission
April 16th 2019 – April 29th 2019
Pre-qualification review meeting and result announcing
April 30th 2019 – May 3rd 2019
Bidders to submit the Bidding Participation Confirmation original file with official seal and scanned copy
Stage Two
Design Competition
May 6th 2019
Second Stage Bidding Tender Document release
May 13th 2019(tentative)
Site survey and Q&A session
May 17th 2019(tentative)
Query and answering regarding standard design contract
2019.6.26 15:00前
June 26th 2019, by 15:00
Bidders to submit deliverables
June 27th 2019 – June 30th 2019
Scheme review meeting that requires bid presentation (Presentation will be at Shenzhen, address to be sent by email to bidders before June 6th 2019)
Stage Three
Winner Deciding
July 2019
Bid winner deciding
Announcing the bid awarding results

☆ 所有时间均以北京时间为准,招标人保留调整日程安排的权利。
☆ All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule.


1. 采用公开报名的方式,投标申请人须是中华人民共和国境内、外注册的企业或机构。
2. 本项目接受联合体投标,不接受个人或个人组合的报名。
3. 以联合体投标的合作方需符合以下要求:
4. 如投标人中标后,后续深化需确保方案设计和建筑专业初步设计的深度满足国家、省、市有关规范、规定和行政审批部门的要求,如不具备相关国内设计资质,应委托一家国内具有相应设计资质的单位配合。

1. This public tender is open to all. Domestic and overseas design companies or organizations with legal business registration may apply for participation.
2. Joint groups are permitted. Individual applications or teams of individuals will not be accepted.
3. Joint groups shall meet the following requirements:
  (1) One joint group shall include no more than two members;
  (2) Each member of the joint group shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another group with other design organizations.
  (3) The joint group member shall sign the Joint Group Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution in each design stage and their share of rights and interests.
4. If the bidder wins, the subsequent work of schematic design and architectural design development should be ensured to meet the requirements of relevant Chinese national, provincial and municipal building codes, regulations and administrative examination. If the bidder does not have relevant domestic design qualifications, it is the bidder’s responsibility to entrust a domestic company with corresponding design qualifications to cooperate on this project.

招标程序Tender Rules

The tender process will be divided into Pre-qualification, Design Competition and Winner Deciding stages:

1. 资格预审阶段 Pre-Qualification

The tenderee shall establish a pre-qualification review committee according to law, to review the valid pre-qualification application documents submitted by the bidder. Pre-qualification review committee select 8 top ranked bidders through open vote, and submit the recommendation and evaluation opinions to tenderee, in order to help tenderee further determine 5 shortlisted bidders and 2 ranked alternative candidates.

2. 方案设计竞标阶段 Design Competition

The Design Competition requires the project leader or chief designer of the bidder to introduce the proposal, explain design concept, and answer questions from the scheme review committee. The scheme review committee adopts vote by open ballot to determine the top three candidates for winner without ranking.

3. 定标阶段 Winner Deciding

A bid selection committee shall be established by the tenderee to determine the winner from the 3 candidates recommended by the scheme review committee.

落标补偿及设计费BID COMPENSATION & Design Fee

1. 设计费

· 总设计费用暂定价为2649万元,其中基本设计费单价上限218元/平方米,合计2289万元及落标补偿费360万元(含中标人支付税额及未中标人支付税额)。
· 基本设计费包含:建筑、机电、景观、室内、影院设计等全专业方案设计、建筑专业扩初设计,建筑专业扩初BIM、总体协调费、修建性详规、设计全过程品质保障措施—包括现场配合不限人次,建筑专业、室内专业、幕墙专业、景观专业及影院专项施工图审核(非强审类)工作等。
· 基本设计费的10%作为绩效设计费。

· Total design fee is tentatively priced at 26.49 million RMB, of which the unit price of basic design fee is up to 218 RMB/square meter, add to a total of 22.89 million RMB; and design bonus of 3.6 million RMB (including tax paid by the winning bidder and unsuccessful bidders).
· The basic design includes: all discipline design including architecture, electromechanics, landscape, interior design and theatre design, architectural design development, architectural design development BIM, overall coordination, constructional detailed planning document and all-process quality guarantee - including on-site review with unlimited personals, construction document review for architecture, interior design, curtain wall, landscape and theatre design.
· 10% of the basic design fee shall be paid upon performance evaluation.

2. 落标补偿费

· 本项目设置落标补偿费,共360万元(含中标人支付税额及未中标人支付税额)。
· 进入定标环节的3家单位,除中标单位外,另外2家各120万元;
· 进入评标未进入定标环节的2家单位各60万元。

· The project sets up total bid compensation of 3.6 million RMB (including tax paid by the winning bidder and the unsuccessful bidders).
· The two bidders who get into the Winner Deciding stage but not winning shall be compensated at 1.2 million RMB each;
· The two bidders who get into the Design Competition stage but not into Winner Deciding Stage shall be compensated at 600,000 RMB each.

资格预审结果公告Result Announcement of Prequalification


As one of the “New Top Ten Cultural Facilities” in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum Schematic Design and Architectural Design Development tender pre-qualification meeting was held on April 21, 2019 at the Material Sample Base meeting room in Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality. The pre-qualification review committee consists of 9 jury members, including 7 professionals (Ding Wowo, Dong Gong, Feng Yueqiang, Liu Kecheng, Meng Yan, Simon Rodriguez-Pagès, Zhu Jingxiang) and 2 tenderee representatives (Zhang Hongying, Zhu Chengqian). After carefully reviewing all pre-qualification application documents submitted by 74 bidding applicants, the Review Committee selected 8 recommended bidding applicants with ranking and proposed corresponding review comments. The tenderee finalized 5 shortlists and 2 alternative ranked applicants in accordance with Review Committee's ranking results.

入围设计单位名单(排名不分先后)Shortlisted Design Teams (In no particular order)


备选设计单位名单 Alternative Design Teams


Note: Official announcement is subject to the Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Platform.

The Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Platform pre-qualification result announcement link:

Pre-Qualification shortlists and alternative design team credit and experience publicity link:

补遗及答疑Q&A and Addendum

Addendum and Q&A (1)and relevant attachments have been released on Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Centre Website, official downloading link below:  

其他下载渠道 Other downloading channels

答疑补遗(一)文件附件 Addendum Attachment.zip

The Q&A and Addendum(1.0) of Tender for Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum Schematic Design and Architectural Design Development Pre-Qualification Document.pdf


1. 具体招标内容与招标日程以正式招标公告为准。
The specific bidding content and the tendering schedule will be subject to the official tendering announcement.

2. 招标公告及后续答疑、补遗文件的官方发布平台为深圳建设工程交易服务网:
The bidding announcement and follow-up Q&A and the issuance platform for the addendum documents are the Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network:
Project homepage (kjg.archiposition.com) will update timely with officially released information.

3. 欢迎有意向的设计单位点击链接提交预报名登记,开展相关竞标准备工作,并密切关注后续信息发布。预报名仅作为投标意向收集,资格预审报名以投标申请人正式递交有效的资格预审申请文件为准。
Interested design teams are encouraged to submit pre-registration by clicking the button below, carry out the relevant competition standard preparation work, and pay close attention to the follow-up information release. The pre-registration is only collected as the intention of bidding, and the bidders should submit all required documents on site to enroll in the pre-qualification.

Tender for Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum Schematic Design and Architectural Design Development Design Brief.zip

Tender for Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum Schematic Design and Architectural Design Development Pre-Qualification Document.docx

Tender for Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum Schematic Design and Architectural Design Development Pre-Qualification Document.pdf


招标人 Tenderee

Engineering Design Management Center of Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality

服务协助方 Co-organizer

Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.

咨询邮箱 Enquiry Email


咨询电话 Enquiry Hotline

李先生:+86-0755-88134468(北京时间周一至周五 9:00-12:00,14:00-18:00)
Ms Chen: +86-0755-86148369 (Monday - Friday UCT+8 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00)
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